WALLI DESIGN | Become an artist for WALLI
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Become an artist for WALLI

go to our Facebook page and publish your idea on the wall. It might become one of WALLI’s new designs and furnish a loft in New York or an event in Paris.
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Becoming a new artist for WALLI is easy, we are delighted to add new ideas to our catalogue of Stickers and Accessories. Your idea may become a new way to customize WALLI.


Here what to do:


Our designers take every new idea under consideration: the most creative and those with high number of “likes” will become a new product in WALLI’s catalogue and it will be available to everyone on www.wallidesign.com.

We value creativity and the work of our designers: a share of the revenue of the new product will be yours.


Do you want to increase the chance to become a designer for WALLI?


Invite your friends to share the picture published on www.facebook.com/wallidesign: the more “like” you get, the higher the chance your project will become part of WALLI’s catalogue.



By joining the program, you accept to hand over every right on pictures, ideas, concepts proposed which will become property of WALLIDESIGN.IT