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Information about purchase and shipment.

  • Is WALLI made of recyclable material?
    Yes, most materials comprising WALLI are recyclable, all of them premium quality. There’s cardboard, recyclable plastic, shiny and strong stainless steel! Materials for Stickers are derived from plastics, premium quality, used also in automotive applications.
  • Where is WALLI produced?
    WALLI is entirely Made in Italy, every component is produced by highly qualified craftsmen and by specialized industry.
  • WALLI designers’ suggestion is included? How does it work?
    Designers make WALLI. Write, send a picture of your wall, of the room you would like to renew, and WALLI’s experts will help and give you the hints to obtain what you’re looking for. All included!
  • How will WALLI use the pictures I send?
    Pictures and information about your wall and its environment are necessary for WALLI’s designers and architects to give you tailored suggestions. Such information will be stored on our servers for up to 1 month and erased afterward. if you wish to send new pictures of the wall once WALLI is installed we will be happy to post it on our website and proud to show the magnificent result.
  • Can I buy stickers with a different purchase?
    Of course you can: you can buy a white wall, then customize it, than change it, than change it once again, and again, and again… Stickers don’t wear out and don’t damage the support; take them off and put new ones, use the old ones somewhere else.
  • Do I need specific equipment to install WALLI?
    All you need to install WALLI is a drill: the steel bracket housing is fixed on the wall with screws. Everything else is done with your hands.
  • Where can I find instructions for the installation?
    Every box includes instructions to install WALLI. Soon enough you will find installation is so easy and intuitive you won’t even need instructions.
  • Is PayPal the only payment method?
    No, you can use your PayPal account or credit card directly.
  • Can I get invoice?
    Of course you can, invoice has to be requested at the moment of purchase either by adding a note to the order or by sending an email. Invoices are sent by email at the beginning of every month.
  • Do I get order confirmation?
    Yes, you will receive one email after payment and one after shipment. From time to time these emails end up in the spam folder, if you did not receive confirmation we suggest you first look there, if you cannot find it write an email and we will send it to you once again.
  • Can I modify the order before shipment?
    Yes, you can remove or add items from the website until shipment. To exchange items of the same value, write to customer@wallidesign.it.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we ship worldwide.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, you can cancel your order up to its confirmation, which occurs together with payment.

WALLI is delivered with all you need to realize your wall or room divider
WALLI comes completely knocked down in a box with all you need to realize your wall or room divider, including instructions and steel elements to fix it.
WALLI is modular, one unit corresponds to one module and is designed to cover 76 cm (width) by 270 cm (height): each box may contain up to two units, depending on the order. A request of parts that is different from the unit will be processed separately with a specific packaging.
Every order, after payment confirmation, is processed within 5 working days. For informations about order status you can write to customer@wallidesign.it.


WALLI offers free shipping within Italy and adds a fee for all remaining European Countries. For Countries outside the EU, please contact customer@wallidesign.it for individual shipping rates.

Area Fee Estimated DELIVERY TIME, from shipment
Italy Free About 5 working days
Europe € 20 About 8 working days
Extra EU € 50 -80 About 10 working days

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